Tourist Destination

Ajora Waterfalls

The twins tremendous falls are found in Hadero Tunto Zuria Woreda, Ajora Molla kebele between Kembata Tembaro and Wolaita Zones. Ajora falls are found in Hadero Tunto Zuria woreda, Ajora Molla kebele, is 43 kilometers away from Durame, the administrative town of the zone. Not only are these but also there plenty of attractions found around the falls. Surely, this is very amazing and wonderful landscape to be visited.

777 Staircase

Stair case constructed starting at the place locally known as Faarsi Gabbaraancho, makes the journey to the top of the mountain makes easy and safe, and provides with additinational enjoyment to the visitor. The stair case constitutes 777 stages. The 777 stair case has natural historical and cultural value and interrelated linkage with Kemabata people and mount Hambaricho. The stair case is said to be one of the longest stair cases in Ethiopia as well as in Africa.